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Great Coffee

We love coffee and it's what we are about. We take pride in our brew and keep it hot and fresh, unless you want it iced.

Need 10 shots of espresso to start the day? Not a problem (for us anyway, not so sure for the people you'll meet in an hour or two).

Think we are missing something on our menu? Just ask! Our staff can put together your favorite drink according to your directions, if it's more than 10 words, written down would be nice :)

Oh, we have tea too. Lots of tea.

Incredible Food

We can't really describe our food, it's best to experience it for yourself.

Our menu has something for everyone whether you need something sweet to accompany your coffee or need a morning/ afternoon/ evening...

bagle, wrap, salad, sandwich, dessert and more.

You can order by phone, text, or directly from the site.

You probably have hungry friends and coworkers so we offer catering too.

Inviting Space

We've got room(s)! Prefer a booth? Round table? Rectangle? Open area? Reading nook? On a date? Not going so well on the date and need a new spot? It's all here!

We also have a separate meeting room for business meetings, parties, small groups, etc.

But if you like your space, we can bring Common Grounds to you by delivery!
One does not live by coffee alone. Have a danish.
Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.
Everybody should believe in something. I believe I'll have another coffee.
Good coffee is a pleasure, Good friends are a treasure.